Live on Lacquer Vol.2 7inch

  • Live on Lacquer Vol.2 7inch

Live on Lacquer Vol.2 7inch

Limited online to only 20 copies on random-color* vinyl, this 7" 45rpm record is the result of a rare 'live to disc' recording by Jeremy Enigk and Tomo Nakayama. Comes with beautiful centerfold 'lathe' artwork and custom 45 adaptor.

*colors are completely random and specific colors may not be requested. Even though 'blue' is pictured, you will most likely not receive a blue record.

Side A: Jeremy Enigk (Featuring Tomo Nakayama) - Ballroom Blitz
Side B: Tomo Nakayama (Featuring Jeremy Enigk) - Cold Clear Moon

Live On Lacquer preserves music in a way that is timeless and genuine. Much like the way records were made in the mid-20th century, these songs are captured live and cut in real-time onto lacquer discs with our 1940’s Scully vinyl lathe. Once cut, the lacquer masters are immediately sent off for plating and pressing. Each song is recorded in one take with no editing, allowing for the truest expression of the artist's performance to be captured. The recording method used here is 100% analog and retains a level of humanity and imperfection often lost in modern digital productions.

The following equipment was used to make this record:
Microphones - Lawson 251, Neumann KSM 104, Royer 121, Coles 4038 (pair)
Preamps - Neve 1073
Compression - Empirical Labs EL8, Manley Variable Mu, FCS P3SME, Maselec MLA-3
Equalization - Focusrite 315 MKII, Squarewave Industries Net EQ and Stereo Width Control
Lacquers - Apollo Master Audiodisc
Lathe - 1940's Scully vinyl lathe with Westrex 3D-II Stereo cutter head and 1700 cutting amplifier
Record Press - Hamilton M-225 BX

Special Thanks: Jeremy Enigk, Tomo Nakayama, Rocky Votolato, Austin Thomason, Ed Brooks, Aimery Fortuner, Danny Gross, Sarah Seitz, Tom Gross, Robin Reed, Jon Lubelski, Matt Earley, Bryan Dilsizian, Mike Barela, and everyone at Imprint Indie Printing.
released January 24, 2018

Recording & Mixing - Austin Thomason
Mastering & Cutting - Levi Seitz
Assistant Engineer - Ed Brooks
Electroforming - NiPro Records
Stamper Forming - Dan Hostiuck
Record Pressing - Gotta Groove Records
Art & Layout - Aimery Fortuner
Jacket Printing - Imprint Indie Printing
Marketing - Danny Gross